Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs, providing free or nearly free medications to qualified patients. Building on this outreach, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) launched the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA), an industry program that provides support for individuals seeking to navigate the various manufacturers’ prescription assistance programs.

Following the national launch of PPA, PhRMA sought to raise awareness of the program and grow participation across the states. For Texas outreach, strategic communications and earned media, PhRMA teamed with ROSS Communications to assist in unveiling the state chapter of the national program, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance of Texas.


The kick-off began in Austin with a Capitol news conference featuring PhRMA leaders, local and state health care advocates, and the introduction to the media of the PPA “Help is Here Express” bus; the bus served as a mobile billboard for the program and is staffed by experts equipped to assist qualified patients with their search for financial assistance.

The Capitol event generated extensive news coverage and helped raise awareness of the program among the media, the public and elected officials.

Building on the successful launch in Austin, ROSS took the message directly to patients throughout the state. ROSS worked with local hospitals, clinics and other health care organizations to host the “Help Is Here Express” bus and promote PPA in communities statewide.

Other PhRMA/ROSS efforts to highlight PPA included a satellite TV media tour and events featuring celebrity spokespersons such as television host Montel Williams and Jerry Mathers of “Leave it to Beaver” fame.


Since its launch in Texas, PPA has helped numerous Texans gain access to free or nearly free medicines. The program has generated millions of media impressions and has been featured in news events in more than 40 Texas cities.